Chinese candidates

French companies do appreciate trilingual profiles (Chinese, English and French). However due to high costs, they would rather hire French or English speakers.

International experience is a plus. Develop an experience in a particular field/industry would draw recruiters' attention. Practical knowledge of western world, especially France and French company culture, is a real asset.
An efficient communication with French partners or colleagues requires understanding abilities and an open-mindedness to accept differences. Team and cooperation spirit are is as important as linguistics skills.

There is no perfect profile. Every job includes specific requirements. Recruiters are looking for the most valuable candidate for a vacant position by using given information (resume, interview, testing and checking references). Your success depends on your real motivation and interest in the application and so in the position.

Chinese Job Websites
Job offers on Chinese Job website firstly concern Chinese candidates but French citizen who speak fluently Chinese can find and apply to some offers.
Most frequented sites:, and (English and Chinese versions)., and (English and Chinese versions) are other Chinese Job websites.

French/International websites

French/International websites provides offers to French/International candidates:, and

English-speaking magazines, and publish job offers.

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