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Chinese culture and economic dynamism appeal more and more French people to China for tourism or for working experience. Nevertheless Westerners are not aware of the current reality of China. A physical and material preparation is required before leaving for China.

The fast Chinese labor market evolution requires a perfect adaptability from French candidates in order to suit to Chinese recruiters’s requirements. Nowadays a first experience in China is needed but the control of Mandarin is more and more required by companies recruiting in China.

Within big international groups, speaking English is crucial because most of Chinese collaborators do not speak French. Chinese speakers are appreciated in manufactories and subsidiaries in less developed areas where Chinese workers only speak Chinese. Whatever the position, speaking Chinese is a plus and is considered as an adaptation capability.

Practical knowledge of the Chinese world will facilitate working and diary life in China. An efficient communication with Chinese partners and colleagues needs understanding skills and open-mindedness to accept differences. Team and cooperation spirit is as important as linguistic competences.

Availability and contract type
You have to know that most of recruiters would prefer candidates already settled in China because they are quickly available and already get used to the Chinese environment. Moreover expatriates status become scarce. Local contracts under Chinese law are standard now. These local contracts can still include some advantages such as French social security (depending on the company policy). However, most of the time, it means no paid flights and no relocation expenses. The salary is paid in the local currency and it is quite difficult to convert this currency.

Once in China
Looking for a job or an internship in China can last for a long time and even can turn out really hard. You need money enough to live in China and to find a job. Once you are in China, contact associations and share information with other French citizens already settled there. This could avoid traps and higher costs.


As a matter of fact, most wanted profiles are those candidates who already have previous professional experience and especially a professional knowledge of China. French candidates technical competences still are appreciated and a plus in front of Chinese candidates. You have to wonder about your own added-value and do not underestimate the Chinese's and foreigners' one.

The CCIFC HR teams help job-hunters. There is no perfect way to find a job in China. You need to adapt your research according to your profile and your professional situation and then follow tracks as much as possible.

Some research modalities:
-Unsolicited applications
Some companies do not answer unsolicited applications. A previous documentation about the company situation and its implementation in China will increase your efficiency. Do not hesitate to send your application to headquarters in France and to subsidiaries in China.

-Job opportunities
A direct research over there can be harder for French candidates arriving in China. Moreover the touristic visa length (3 days) is not enough to find a job. There are a lot of foreign and Chinese job-hunting websites. By the way international companies and organizations post job opportunities on their own websites. (Often in Chinese and English)

-Use networks still is a good way to increase chances to be contacted because of some recruiting needs' discretion by attending recruitment events organized by the CCIFC or other Chambers of Commerce. You can meet professional from different sectors and above all to be known. Former students' networks are full of information about job opportunities.

Volunteer for International Experience (CIVI) www.civiweb.com
The CIVI promotes International volunteer experience, contract that allows young people aged 18 to 28 to go working abroad benefiting from a public status.

International Job Center (EEI) www.emploi-international.org
The EEI groups together job opportunities and international mobility from the French Employment National Agency and the French Agency in charge of Migration and Welcoming Foreign People. It provides legal, administrative and financial advices. Job opportunities in China are posted on the rubric "Job seekers". You can also submit your application.

French Embassy to China www.ambafrance-cn.org
Job opportunities within the French Embassy are available through the menu "Recrutement".

Other Foreign Chambers of Commerce in China
which are easy to find on internet..

Chinese Job Website
Job offers on Chinese Job website firstly concern Chinese candidates but French citizen who speak fluently Chinese can find and apply to some offers.
Most frequented sites: www.51job.com, www.zhaopin.com and www.chinaHR.com (English and Chinese versions). www.chinasplash.com, www.chinacareer.com and www.meijob.com (English and Chinese versions) are other Chinese Job websites.

French/International websites
French/International websites provides offers to French/International candidates: www.monster.fr, www.jobaccess.com and www.jobsdb.com.

English-speaking magazines
www.asiaxpat.com, www.cityweekend.com.cn and www.thebeijinger.compublish job offers as well.

According to the Administrative Regulations of the PRC on Embarkation and Disembarkation of Foreigners, any foreigner with the will of working (as salaried or not) in the People's Republic of China needs to obtain a working visa (Z visa). This visa requires at least:
- To be graduated with a Bachelor degree
- To have 2 years of working experience outside China after the Bachelor graduation. For any additional questions related to visa application, please refer to the website of the Chinese Embassy in France:


From France :

According to the Chinese Embassy in France no visa can be issued for French student willing to do an internship in China since new regulations were implemented in September 2013.
However, the French and Chinese governments launched the 1000 interns programme in March 2016 which now allows 1000 French interns to do their internship in China. For more information, please click here:

From China :

When a foreigner who holds a study residence permit needs to undertake off-campus work-study or internship, he/she shall, upon obtaining consent of his/her school, apply to the disembarkation and embarkation administration agency of the public security authorities for inclusion of remarks on the venue and period of work-study or internshipon his/herresidence permit.

Where the study resident permit of the foreigner does not state the information stipulated in the preceding paragraph, he/she shall not undertake off-campus work-study or internship.

Useful links

- French Embassy: http://www.ambafrance-cn.org
- Maison des Français de l'Etranger: http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/vivre-a-l-etranger/
- Caisse des Français de l'Etranger: http://www.cfe.fr/

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