HR Events

The CCI France Chine organizes regularly events:
Working groups, seminars, conferences... for its members in order to inform them about HR issues in China: wages level, contracts, labor legislation, taxation...

Stay tuned on www.ccifc.org for more information about our CCI France Chine's HR events.

HR Working Groups
CCI France Chine HR Working Groups are exchange forums in which participants can share their experiences and stay informed on HR issues in China. The aim of the HR Working Group confines into experiences and understandings exchange and sharing in order to bring concrete answers to human resources questions asked within companies.

The working groups are run by members, whose voluntary work in managing these groups contributed significantly to the success of the French Chamber in China.

HR working Groups are organized every two months in Beijing, Shanghai, and Souch China.


HR Director Clubs
For many years, our HR support service has earned an excellent reputation for its two main activities: recruitment and training. Nowadays, our members' needs are changing and we find ourselves fielding questions about the legal side of HR in China. For this reason the CCI France Chine organizes HR Directors Club aiming at informing HR directors members on the legal aspects of HR through case studies and seminars; contributing to the development of knowledge of the HR function.

The clubs are restricted to HR directors and run by members, whose voluntary work contributed significantly to the success of the French Chamber in China.
  HR Director Clubs are organized every two months in Beijing, Shanghai and South China.  

Welcome to China Seminar
Every year in October, CCI France Chine organizes a half-day integration seminar in Beijing and Shanghai for new French arrivals and their families. Companies are invited to register their new members or staff so they can benefit from this introductory day of training.

Welcome Desk, Round tables, Speed-networking
In Beijing, a Welcome Desk is organized every Monday afternoon (16:00-18:00) in order to guide, advise and help French candidates with their job search.

In Shanghai the CCI France Chine organizes round tables and speed-networking events between candidates and companies.

For more information about our HR services, please contact us:

Email: des-brest.antoine@ccifc.org
Tel: +86 (10) 6461 0260 ext 131

Marielle CHEN
Email: chen.marielle@ccifc.org
Tel: +86 (10) 6461 0260 ext 135

Email: Xiao.sisi@ccifc.org
Tel: +86 (20) 2916 5526

Wanqian LIU
Email: liu.wanqian@ccifc.org
Tel: +86 (20) 2916 5525

Pascal CHEN
Email: chen.pascal@ccifc.org

Jia LV
Email: lv.jia@ccifc.org

Email: henault.lisa@ccifc.org

Tel: +86 (21) 6132 7100


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