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French companies face a major challenge when it comes to recruiting in China. In a thriving economy with low unemployment rates, finding, contacting and convincing top talent to join your firm requires an innovative approach and expert skills. With over 10 years' experience, our HR Desk is well positioned to help you recruit and train your employees.

We select the best talents for you:

1. A database of 3,000 CVs - Chinese and French candidates
2. Active CCI France Chine presence on specific HR sites in China
3. Partnerships with more than 60 universities all over China
4. Organization of HR and networking events

We train your staff:

1. Professional skills training inter and intra company
2. Sessions for French and Chinese staff in French companies
3. Training sessions mainly given in English, Chinese and French

In 2016, we have placed more than 60 candidates (amongst which General Managers and Country Managers, Finance Director, Marketing Managers, Engineers, Accountants, Assistants...)and delivered 117 training sessions to 927 persons in Chinese, French and English.


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Recruiting in China: a strong demand from French businesses


CCI France Chine HR team


Beijing Office:

Business Manager Beijing Branch
Tel: +86(10) 6461 0260 ext 131


Marielle CHEN
Training and Recruitment Consultant
Tel: +86(10) 6461 0260 ext 135


Yanis SAM
Recruitment Consultant
Tel: +86(10) 6461 0260 ext 133



Shanghai Office:

Sylvie XUE
HR Service & Recruitment Consultant
Tel: +86(21) 6132 7100*107


Violette GERARD
HR Service & Recruitment Consultant
Tel: +86(21) 6132 7100*109



South China Office:

Director of Recruitment & Training Service
Tel: +86(20) 2916 5526


LIU Wanqian
HR Consultant
Tel: +86(20) 2916 5525



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"Recruiting a new member of staff for a company requires both a thorough knowledge of the local environment and a large database of potential candidates. The CCI France Chine's strength lies in its knowledge of the local economy and its understanding of how companies operate and their needs. Accurately matching the candidate to the position is possible when the recruiter thoroughly understands the job openings and the company's requirements. Providing recruitment services requires expertise and skills. Our recruitment teams are ready to listen to your needs in order to match you up with the best candidates."




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